Are you worried about “porch pirates” stealing packages that get left outside your door? BoxLock Home could come in handy. It’s the first internet-connected smart security padlock that caters specifically to residential customers looking to protect their packages. While Amazon Key allows delivery drivers access to a user’s front door, BoxLock offers a more nonintrusive solution.

BoxLock Home only opens when an “out for delivery” package is scanned. Setup is quick, with users simply downloading the mobile app and locking the BoxLock around the preferred delivery receptacle (anything that comes with a hasp for use of a padlock). The box can only be opened when a delivery shows up. The delivery driver will scan the package and follow a two-step verification process to unlock the box and leave the package inside. Once all this happens, the user gets an automatic notification that the package is waiting for them safely in the box.

BoxLock Home is designed with durability in mind, consisting of a hardened steel shackle enclosed in a weather-resistant case. You only need to charge the battery about once a month, and a single charge will last more than 30 days. When it’s time for a boost, simply use the built-in Micro USB port to charge the device. The color and design make the BoxLock Home convenient for delivery drivers, with an angled shape for easy gripping and colors that are quickly noticeable. It’s also compatible with all major shipping carriers. The delivery driver doesn’t need any software to use the BoxLock Home, just the shipping label for scanning.

Tests conducted on the BoxLock Home showed that delivery drivers who had no experience with the device were able to use it in under one minute. “That number will only decrease as familiarity becomes more widespread, and all of the delivery drivers interviewed by BoxLock said they’d have no problem using it knowing packages will be delivered safely,” wrote BoxLock Home in a press release.

With more than 11 million packages getting stolen every year, BoxLock Home could help residents curb porch theft. BoxLock Home retails for $129. The company also launched a Kickstarter campaign for pre-orders.